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Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of summer? Urban dictionary says that it is “the most beautiful girl you will ever meet”, meanwhile Cambridge dictionary gives more conventional summer definition: “the season of the year between spring and fall’. Nevertheless, summer for Ecolight is time to meet all light-industry professionals. No exception is this year, because 8-9th of August all distributors are welcome to the NORVILISKIU CASTLE located at the very east of Lithuania.

This year we will travel in time as we will live in a romantic XVI century castle, go through the dark soviet times and finally step into bright future of a SIGNIFY world! 


But before falling in this adventure let’s remember lats year Signify-Ecolight camp

Despite general LED light topic, major non-formal disputes were regarding basketball. Probably it could not be the other way around when gathering Lithuania and Slovenia basketball lovers together. For almost two years, our professional Viber chat groups were polluted with trash talk regarding who the better team was. And so, when Joze came to Dubingiai, he was asked to walk the walk and defend his claims on the court. An epic hoops battle ensued between Mr. Erjavec and our sales director Mr. Dainius Bernotavičius. Despite heroic efforts from the Slovenian LeBron James, Lithuania took the spoils of victory.

After this emotionally intensive competition all participants had opportunity to see in a firsthand true Lithuanian brewery ‘Švyturys-Utenos alus’. We also looked at their brand-new LED luminaries from Ecolight. Great opportunity to merge fun activity and serious information. 

Next day, all participants split in two groups: one group went on a kayaking tour, meanwhile second took a tour around lake-rich city of Zarasai. We rendezvoused again in the afternoon to enjoy a barbecue party at the bank of lake Asveja. Event reached his peak after Top Achievers award ceremony. Our honour once again goes to all the winners! 

You know how they say that underserved fun is not that fun? Well, maybe nobody really says that, but that’s the motto we go by at ECOLIGHT. That’s why, before all the entertainment on Thursday night and Friday, we put in a hard day’s work on Thursday when we had our full day training session “Challenges and best practices of selling ECOLIGHT lights in different countries”. 

It is nice to remember such joyful and significant summer event, but you should be wandering about this year (2019) event. And you should do it! Our team managed to prepare another great summer camp, as usually. 


So, let’s make short tour through new program

As never before, 2019 is a year when we are launching many new interesting products, so we decided to focus your attention on number of them. We will present you all our novelties, discuss existing products and make SWOT analysis based on each partners experience. Many of these new products are not even announced yet - SAULA LED LN ATEX (explosion proof), new RADIUS LED ST GEN2, LINAS LED IN AGRO, INDRA LED ID, MARAMA SOL street lights, MARAMA SOL LEGO POLES and MARAMA SOL LEGO STREET LIGHTS incl. our own SMART CITY solution presentation and self-learning algorithm demonstration.

This year we are also expecting a special quest from SIGNIFY who will organise us a short tour to bright future of the lighting industry. 

Despite serious and important business discussion there will be some space for free time, as well. Thursday, evening everyone will become travellers in time and face Survival Drama – 1984, back to the USSR in an easy way! Later everyone will have opportunity to take sauna, swim in the pool or talk till the morning.

Friday will be great day if you are keen to navigate your kayak in a local water or would like to get sightseeing DIEVENISKES regional park! What’s not all, all event will summarise Gala Dinner in medieval style which will be rocked by SKYDERS! 

So, tuck your belts and join our adventure!



Wednesday, 07.08.2019

• as per arrival – check-in at NORVILISKIU CASTLE
• 8:00pm dinner

Thursday, 08.08.2019

• 7:00am – 9:00am breakfast

Training session
• 9:00am – 9:15am Meeting introduction (Tomas Pukas, ECOLIGHT)
• 9:15am - 11:00am SIGNIFY tour to the bright future of the lighting industry (Sławomir Henryk Guss, SIGNIFY)
• 11:00am - 1:00pm ECOLIGHT product introduction (Tomas Pukas, ECOLIGHT)
• 2:00pm - 4:30pm SWOT analysis. Discussion (Adam Dawidowski, INS LIGHTING)
(11:00 am – coffee break and 1:00 pm – lunch break)

• 4:30pm – 5:00pm free time
• 5:00pm – 9:00pm  1984. Survival Drama. Back to the USSR – easy way! 
• 9:00pm – 10.00pm dinner
• 10:00pm – Sauna, pool and discussions till the morning

Friday, 09.08.2019

• 7:00am – 9:00am breakfast
• 9:00am – 4:00pm kayaking 
For those who will not go for kayaking alternative tour to DIEVENISKES regional park
• 4:00pm – 6:00pm free time
• 6:00pm – Galla Dinner in medieval style which will be rocked by SKYDERS!

Saturday, 10.08.2019

• 9:00am – 11:00am breakfast
• 11:00am check-out



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Our speakers:

Sławomir Henryk Guss

Sławomir Henryk Guss
OEM Lighting Sales Manager at Signify (Poland)


Adam Dawidowski

Adam Dawidowski
CEO at INS Lighting (Poland)


Tomas Pukas

Tomas Pukas
CEO at ECOLIGHT (Lithuania)


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